Mission & Values

We exist to make Christmas joy come alive everyday; to add a little merry and bright to the ordinary; and to celebrate the traditions of faith, family, and friends.

The Story of Madisonville Christmas Company

Ashley’s grandmother was quite an inspiration. As the matriarch of Christmas tradition in our family, Nonnie influenced everyone she hosted in her home. Her homemade gifts, décor throughout the house, and the distinct smell of homemade food created an environment that made Christmas feel like Christmas. Her efforts enriched our lives and helped us value rich family tradition.

For years, those of us fortunate enough to have been under Nonnie’s Christmas tutelage dreamed of opening a unique place where guests could find holiday décor and families would enjoy making holiday memories. Our dream included a Christmas store that would inspire younger generations to carry on the traditions that meant so much to Nonnie and her family.

In Madisonville, Texas, we saw the potential to develop a year-round Christmas destination in a centrally located, small town that shared our values. We broke ground on what would become Madisonville Christmas Company in 2022 and opened to the public in September of 2023.

Protecting and Inspiring
Christmas Tradition

Madisonville Christmas Company is a place where we share the feelings, memories, and Christmas traditions Nonnie passed on to us with all our guests. It’s a place we hope will become your new favorite Christmas tradition. We want guests to feel as if they are stepping into our home during the holidays and that they feel so welcome they never want to leave!

A captivating destination, the grounds of Madisonville Christmas Company are filled with love, dedication, and details. We have curated décor looks guests can shop, restaurants to enjoy delicious food, and space to make memories.

The goal has always been to protect the integrity and spirit of Christmas while reinforcing the meaning behind the celebration. It’s a family business that supports and inspires other families in their own traditions.

Drop by for a visit and see a place where joy comes alive! We look forward to meeting you and celebrating together.

The Ladies of Madisonville Christmas Company

Ashley Rentz


My favorite thing about Christmas is the “Bigness” of it. Big gatherings of friends and family, going big on decorations. Eating, drinking, shopping, playing, and time-off from the normal routine of the rest of the year. Everything is magical, festive, and there is so much to celebrate, especially our Savior’s birth!

Lindsey Allen


My favorite thing about Christmas is all the tradition and nostalgia: the music, decorations, candlelight Christmas Eve service, and much more. I enjoy reminiscing and look forward to making new memories each year. The intentionality of the season is filled with so much warmth and joy.

Connie Clack


My favorite thing about Christmas is time with family. We love catching up, making new memories, reminiscing, and LAUGHING. I enjoy decorating my home for Christmas and ending the day surrounded by twinkling lights and holiday smells, remembering the peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ and celebrating Him.

Cathy Stroud


My favorite thing about Christmas is time with family! Seeing happy and hopeful faces, the joy in my parents’ eyes as they watch the grands, warms my heart. When I watch the tree with carols playing, good memories and the delight of knowing Jesus Christ was born fill me. Also, the pumpkin pie.


Asked Questions

Is there an entry fee?

There is NOT an entry fee. Enjoy all the sights, sounds, and photo ops for free while you’re here. However, if you want to take it home, you have to buy it… or ask Santa to.

Why Madisonville, Texas?

Only a couple of hours from Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Madisonville has a small-town vibe that fits our brand. The community has graciously welcomed us. “Madison” also means “gift from the Lord, son of the mighty warrior” which is fitting considering Christmas is the  celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Where could I spend the night nearby?

We anticipate that most of our guests will make day trips to visit. However, in anticipation of visitors wanting to stay longer, we’re in the process of opening our Casitas in the near future. Check back and follow us on social media to see when they’ll be available for reservations.

Will you have a Christmas lights display year-round?

Yes! There’s nothing like a little holiday sparkle to make joy come alive.

What’s unique about the Madisonville Christmas Company experience?

Madisonville Christmas Company offers a boutique feel on a grand scale. It is a feast for the senses with intriguing interior design, holiday inspiration, and a tasteful flood of festivity. Where else can you celebrate Christmas in March or September?

How long does it take to see everything?

It depends on what kind of shopper you are, but our best estimates are 2-3 hours.

How do I get there?

From Dallas, take I-45 South. From Houston, take I-45 North. From Austin or College Station, take state highway 21 east.

See Map

Do you offer shipping/delivery if I make a purchase there and don’t have room in my car to take it home?

Yes. We’ll help you get it home for the holidays.

Can I shop the store online?

Not yet. We are preserving the experience this first year for in-store only, but we do expect to ship online at some point.

Will Santa be there?

Mr. and Mrs. Claus will be here sometimes. They have other responsibilities, too, ya know. Follow us on social media or click here for specific dates and times.

Can I reserve the pavilion/store/venue for a party?

We would love to do this at some point. Contact us to find out when we’ll be ready and get the details.

What sets Madisonville Christmas Company apart from other Texas Christmas experiences?

What sets Madisonville Christmas Company apart from other Texas Christmas experiences?

Lots of restaurants, bars, and retailers transform for the holidays, but we keep the spirit alive all the time. It’s not just a “seasonal” celebration for us. We are a destination for all things Christmas all year long. Every detail is meant to inspire holiday cheer, from the backsplash tiles to the ornament lights and the bespoke “weather” to pickled peaches.

What types of events will you offer?

We plan to host a kickoff party on December 1, 2023. Beyond that, nothing is officially on the calendar… yet. Follow us on social media to learn about concerts and other events in the future.